MGGP Aero Sp. z o.o. is the largest company collecting photogrammetric data and the leading provider of high-resolution aerial photography, laser scanning and remote sensing analyses in Poland. Using the latest remote sensing technologies, the company offers comprehensive services in the field of environmental analysis, as well as inventorying natural assets and what constitutes a threat to them. The three foundations of the company are: people, experience and technology. All members of MGGP Aero’s personnel are highly qualified. Each and every product is created by a devoted and experienced team of people, for whom the top quality of their services is always the highest priority.

To collect and process data, MGGP Aero use advanced technology. In addition to over a dozen of specialized sets of sensors, they have their own fleet of aircrafts and an air base in Rzesz├│w, Port Jasionka. They operate in Poland and abroad, mainly in East-central Europe, and act as part of the MGGP Capital Group.

In the HabitARS project, the MGGP Aero team is coordinating the whole project (The Project Leader) and the WP1. In the course of realization of subsequent WPs, the team will take charge of coordinating and collecting aerial remote sensing data (ALS, orthophotomaps, hyperspectral data), processing, analysis, classification, qualitative inspection, standardization and implementation of the results.

The HabitARS project managment at MGGP Aero:

  1. Project Manager: Łukasz Sławik,
  2. Assistant Manager (Administration): Monika Buryło.



Projekt "Innowacyjne podej┼Ťcie wspieraj─ůce monitoring niele┼Ťnych siedlisk przyrodniczych Natura z wykorzystaniem metod teledetekcyjnych", wsp├│┼éfinansowany ze ┼Ťrodk├│w Narodowego Centrum Bada┼ä i Rozwoju, w ramach programu "┼Ürodowisko naturalne, rolnictwo i le┼Ťnictwo" BIOSTRATEG/Konkurs II.