University of Lodz

The Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, University of Lodz, is the largest biology faculty in Poland. Conducting extensive research, didactic and social activities, the faculty has received “Category A” for the high standard of academic practice. It conducts basic, methodological and applied research in all fields of biology. In recent years, it obtained from EU and domestic sources 100 million zlotys for scientific research which resulted in numerous publications. In 2015, the faculty’s staff published in total 482 scientific articles including 370 which appeared in scientific journals with IF.

The research focuses on, among others, the natural environment – assessment of its preservation and usage, as well as changes and transformations which it undergoes. Members of the faculty’s staff who are working on the HabitArs project were involved in many projects concerning protection and monitoring of the natural environment. They coordinated research on selected habitats as part of the natural habitat monitoring project conducted across Poland. They are members of various councils, providing scientific expertise for National Parks, the Regional Directorates for Environmental Protection and environmental projects committees.

In the HabitARS, the team from UL is in charge of coordinating WP3, coordinating and conducting field botanical measurements in 14 research areas, coordinating and conducting field remote sensing measurements in 9 research areas, as well as preparation, analysis and interpretation of the results.

The project HabitARS management at the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, University of Lodz:

  1. Coordination of WP3: dr hab. Dominik Kopeć,
  2. Administration: dr Agnieszka Wolańska-Kamińska.



Projekt "Innowacyjne podejście wspierające monitoring nieleśnych siedlisk przyrodniczych Natura z wykorzystaniem metod teledetekcyjnych", współfinansowany ze środków Narodowego Centrum Badań i Rozwoju, w ramach programu "Środowisko naturalne, rolnictwo i leśnictwo" BIOSTRATEG/Konkurs II.