Interdisciplinary Team

zesp2Our strengths are in committed teamwork, exchanging experiences and being open to new knowledge.

The Project Team consists of 81 members, who are experts in botany, remote sensing, aviation, hydrology, and cartography. In addition to the necessary knowledge and experience, the research team also has the necessary research facilities and technical infrastructure (aircraft and remote sensors).

The participation of experts representing such a wide range of disciplines allows for combining field and aerial methods of research.












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Projekt "Innowacyjne podej┼Ťcie wspieraj─ůce monitoring niele┼Ťnych siedlisk przyrodniczych Natura z wykorzystaniem metod teledetekcyjnych", wsp├│┼éfinansowany ze ┼Ťrodk├│w Narodowego Centrum Bada┼ä i Rozwoju, w ramach programu "┼Ürodowisko naturalne, rolnictwo i le┼Ťnictwo" BIOSTRATEG/Konkurs II.